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The roots

The first records of the Carvalho Rovisco Garcia family in the Avis county date back to the 17th century. That’s the Where and the When behind the brand RG Rovisco Garcia.

Late last century, in 1998, Francisco and António José de Almeida Garrett receive from their mother Maria Antónia de Carvalho Rovisco Garcia the legacy of so many generations. It all comes down to the responsibility of taking care of the lands and all that grows from them.

For RG Rovisco Garcia the 21st century starts with a new cycle of investment and diversification of activities. In the tradition of the family, new fruits would grow from deep and solid roots. Today the grandchildren of Maria Antónia de Carvalho Rovisco Garcia are to be found among all those who work here.

The Land

Some call it the High Alentejo and some refer to it as the Northern Alentejo. But there’s no doubt or indefinition whatsoever about the character of its landscape, made unique by vast cork oak forest. The region ranks together with the likes of the Amazon rainforest, the African savanna, the Andes, and Borneo, as one of 35 world hotspots of biodiversity.

The estates of RG Rovisco Garcia are truly a mirror of this inner region of Portugal; low population density, gentle hills and cork oak forest, some green oak and pasture lands where a local breed of beef cattle graze free. Umbrella pine, vineyard, and olive tree, they all make for a rich and diverse ecosystem.

The village of Avis stands out from some other scattered and smaller settlements. It is the white and ancient village that one can see from the top of the olive grove in one of the estates that constitute the RG Rovisco Garcia lands, the estate called Marcolos, which sprawls down to the margins of the Maranhão dam.

On the opposite end the estates reach the quiet little village called Aldeia Velha. From it one can see in the distance the vineyards and Monte Novo, where the headquarters, the offices and the manor house are.

A strong bond to this land, a sense of being responsible for it, passed down from one generation to the next, brings about a vision of sustainable development to our management and dictates a balance between economic viability and the preservation of natural resources. That comes as a natural goal to be considered at all times and as a commitment to the generations to come.

For their natural wealth part of RG Rovisco Garcia’s lands are classified as “Natura 2000” sites, “Natura 2000” being the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world and offering a haven to Europe’s most valuable and threatened species and habitats.

The people

These are the people who answer for RG Rovisco Garcia every day. Many others are equally important in partnerships or other kinds of links to the brand. We express due recognition to all of them.

Maria Antónia de C. Rovisco Garcia
Agricultural businessperson

Francisco de Almeida Garrett
Business administrator

António José de Almeida Garrett

Gonçalo de Almeida Garrett
Managing director

Sofia de Almeida Garrett
Marketing and commercial director

Margarida A. Garrett Carvalho
Nature tourism

Teresa Silva
Administrative officer

Anabela Feijão
Administrative officer

Simão Catarino
Nature guide and operational manager

Carolina Riscado
Gestora Técnica Agropecuária

Miguel Matos Chaves
Enologist / Winemaker (until 2010)

Luis Louro
Enologist / Winemaker

Inês Capão
Enologist / Winemaker