The Wild Fauna

Preserving biodiversity and natural habitats is part of the daily job in our estates. More than a side thought or just a complement to economic activities, it is one of the main drives of the whole RG Rovisco Garcia management strategy.

The number and diversity of wild species that have their habitats here is an immediate result of all that work and of the consistency of such an option. Along with the roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), the smallest of all cervidae, the wild boar, the fox, the genet, the badger, the mongoose, the rabbit, and the hare, can all be found here.


Our estates are also a privileged location for bird watching. Apart from feathered game species such as the partridge, the quail, the duck, and the wild pigeon, one can regularly spot, among many others, the very scarce black stork, the hoopoe, the bee-eater and the kingfisher, each one more fascinating than the other.

Being a sign of a healthy ecosystem, biodiversity is also an attraction factor for many birds of prey, such as the short-toed eagle, the booted eagle, the black kite and the black-winged kite. They all nidify here and they qualify this location as an Important Bird Area (IBA).


The Sustainable Game

Abundant and diverse wildlife are simultaneously part and consequence of a management philosophy based on sustainability. By joining the CERTIBEI certification group, which assigns the forest area of our estates the FSC® and PEFCTM certifications, RG Rovisco Garcia has also earned a certification for its game products.

It also makes us very proud and honored to see the name Rovisco Garcia among the Wildlife Estates, a european network of exemplary estates that voluntarily adhere to the philosophy of wildlife management and sustainable land use.

WE is an association of NGOs and european administrative bodies in the fields of game and the sustainable management of natural resources, coordinated by the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO).